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For years we have been advising various companies during important change processes. We are tax and corporate lawyers. We offer only beneficial and real solutions, and we implement them by ourselves. We account for success when our clients earn real money. Join them.

Rafał Szymkowiak Legal advisor Rafał Szymkowiak Legal advisor

About us

What do we do at PragmatIQ ?

We are a team of specialists in law and finance, which will help you to only pay obligatory taxes and nothing beyond that. Owing to this narrow specialization, over the years we have become one of the best tax and corporate legal professionals in Poland. Thus, you may be certain that our solutions do work and are safe for you. We also watch over the interests of our Clients during the purchase and sale of shares or properties, mergers and divisions of companies as well as while creating holding companies. If you want to be sure that you do not pay any excess tax, order a free audit with us.

Why us?

One of the best tax and corporate legal professionals in Poland.

Our narrow specialisation enables us to suggest our Clients effective and adoptable solutions. Over the years we have gained many satisfied Clients and their trust, which is extremely important in our profession. The model of cooperation that we have created enables each and every entrepreneur to turn to us, without fear of costs, with any issue they might have concerning companies or taxes. Our Clients pay for our services only when they obtain measurable benefits from our work.

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